Qualified Plan Advisors created this informational site to deliver plan specific resources for Jerry's Union employees. 


UFCW Local 663 Union Members: Your QPA 401(k) team will be communicating with you through your normal UFCW Local 663 text communications or via the UFCW Local 663 website. Please ensure that UFCW Local 663 has your correct cell phone number to make sure you receive these important communication updates. 
BCTGM Local 22 Employees: Your QPA 401(k) team will be communicating with you through the email address you have provided in Workday.  Please ensure this email is up-to-date so you don't miss out on these communication updates.

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- Securian Retirement Portal 

- UFCW Website

- 5 Steps - Consider A Rollover

- Risk Tolerance (This questionnaire can help shape the best investment mix for your age and your risk tolerance. Please complete prior to meeting 1:1 with one of your Jerry's 401(k) advisors.)

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Reduce stress, increase personal happiness, increase productivity, and focus on your lifetime goals. These webinars are here to help you on your financial journey.

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Educational Videos

Got questions about your retirement plan? Well, guess what. You're not alone! We've gather the most common participant questions we received and filmed a few videos to answer those questions for you. We're here to help, so if you do not get an answer to your questions through one of these videos, let's set up a 1:1 call.

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